Carbon reduction: Moving away from carbon footprint towards carbon footpath

As concerns surrounding climate change continue to intensify, equity investors increasingly need to understand how this could
impact their investment portfolios. In addition to obvious...

UK faces Brexit-fuelled General Election – what happens next?

The General Election on 12 December will set the course for the UK’s exit – or not – from the European Union and the next phase of Brexit.

Cyber Monday: 4 reasons online sales are surging

This Cyber Monday we take a look at the evolution of the online shopping holiday and the impact consumer behaviour is having on e-commerce.

Small Caps: Wachstumstreiber von morgen

Marktstress und die erhöhte Risikoaversion der Investoren vor dem Hintergrund des schwachen Wirtschaftswachstums führten in jüngster Vergangenheit dazu, dass Small Caps der Wertentwicklung von...

Iggo's Insight: A very British bounce?

There are potential opportunities in UK equities. However, these are dependent on the post-election and post-Brexit environment.

Sustainability: What will your impact be?

As the impact of human activities on the planet continues to rise on the global agenda, sustainable living and responsible investment have become the clarion calls of our time.

Climate Change and Investment

The environmental impact we are having on the planet is set to influence the way governments act, industries function and businesses behave in the coming years.

October Investment Strategy - Re-balance sheet policy

With some progress on the trade war and Brexit, some tail risks are receding. But we are far from resolution.

Cyber Monday: 4 reasons online sales are surging

Cyber Monday evolved as the digital equivalent of US shopping holiday ‘Black Friday’, as retailers encouraged people to shop online.

Singles Day: Wächst das E-Commerce-Phänomen auch in Europa?

Er wurde als Alternative zum Valentinstag ins Leben gerufen: Am Singles Day beschenken sich Singles selbst.

US High Yield: Marktumfeld bleibt günstig

Wir leben in turbulenten Zeiten: Die internationalen Handelskonflikte haben sich im Laufe dieses Jahres verschärft und die Zinsstrukturkurve von US-Staatsanleihen ist invers.

Just Transition: Managing the social impact of a low-carbon transition

‘Just transition’ is the name given to an emerging concept taking into account the social impact on these workers and communities of transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

Iggo's Insight - Boom, bust or blah!

The end-cycle slowdown could still end up in a recession in the next year or so. But it would be an odd one. Real rates never got anywhere near as high as before previous recessions in the US and...

Macro insights - US GDP beats expectations, Fed cuts rates and UK Parliament agrees to December election

Last week was a big one for the US. Third quarter (Q3) GDP came in at 1.9%, modestly above our own 1.8% forecast and firmer than the consensus expectation of 1.6%.

Investment-Strategie November - Rebilanzierungs-Politik

Gilles Moëc und Serge Pizem erläutern ihre makroökonomischen Einschätzungen und ihre Asset Allokation für November 2019.

Dividend investing in Eurozone equity markets

Dividend investing in Eurozone equity markets

Der „Lagarde-Effekt“: Die Bedeutung echter Diversität

Europa erlebt zurzeit einen Wendepunkt - ausgelöst von starken Frauen.

Macro Insight - Fed expected to cut rates for third time in a big week of economic data

The economy forces its way onto the US centre stage this week. The Federal Reserve will announce its latest interest rate decision and give a press conference on Wednesday evening.

Biodiversity crisis: The role of investors in resolving species extinction - Part 2

AXA IM is set to start a biodiversity engagement programme with investee companies across several sectors, to better understand how such firms take this issue into account.