Bad, worse or just dandy

At some point, higher inflation could provoke a tightening of monetary policy that is beyond what is priced into markets.

Pay them and they will come?

The needles on the indicators of investment sentiment are all pointing down.

Statements von Chris Iggo: Weniger Vertrauen, mehr Unsicherheit

Inflation, eine mögliche geldpolitische Straffung, fiskalpolitische Unsicherheit und ein verlangsamtes Wachstum lassen alle Stimmungsindikatoren südwärts zeigen.

Statements von Jonathan Baltora: Inflation bleibt vorübergehend, Schutz im Portfolio aber gerechtfertigt

Angesichts steigender Verbrauchernachfrage, Rohstoffknappheit und anhaltender Unterbrechungen der Lieferketten bleibt die Inflation ungewöhnlich hoch.

Genetics: An exciting and investable theme

Depending on how long ago you last attended a biology lesson, messenger RNA (‘mRNA’) was probably not a term many of us would have been particularly familiar with a couple of years ago.

Autumn dawns and the living doesn’t get easier

The recovery keeps hitting speed bumps caused by supply side disruptions. The latest is the surge in energy prices

Statements von Chris Iggo: Auch im Herbst bleiben die hohen Energiepreise

Versorgungsengpässe und eine gestiegene Nachfrage treiben Preise für Öl, Erdgas und Kohle an.

Magic Money Tree Worship

Our baseline is that economic and electoral rationality will prevail and that the various factions within the Democratic Party

RI - Did 2020 deliver a premium for the top ESG equities?

There is no shortage of studies highlighting that investors increasingly want their portfolios to be not only financially rewarding but also responsible. It appears that not even the dramatic...

The cost of climate change: Action versus inaction

Pricing mitigation efforts and assessing the difficulties of comparison

Statements von Chris Iggo: Größere Korrektur nicht auszuschließen

Die Weltwirtschaft kämpft mit der Delta-Variante, Kaufkrafteinbußen, steigender Inflation, schwächerer Industrieproduktion und dem wirtschaftlichen Abschwung in China

A modest interest rate cycle cometh…maybe

Central bankers have set out how they want to “normalise” monetary policy for some time.

September Oped - Unfortunate Combination

The world economy is dealing with a nasty delta variant wave in the US, an inflation spike hurting purchasing power, supply-side disruptions impairing factory output and a Chinese slowdown

German elections: The post-Merkel era

Germany will vote on 26 September to elect representatives to the Bundestag – the federal parliament

September Global Macro Monthly - Supply constraints add to inflation angst

The EU’s “Fit for 55” programme is a suite of measures to deliver a 55% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030. It includes the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism...

Asia: “Made in Vietnam”

Rising globalisation has greatly benefitted emerging Asia as supply chain migration from developed countries fuelled the region’s tremendous export growth over the past decade

Marktkommentar von Gilles Moëc: Was bedeutet die Bundestagswahl für Deutschlands Finanzpolitik?

Deutschlands Wirtschaftsleistung seit Beginn der Pandemie ist im Gesamtvergleich mit Europa als durchschnittlich zu bezeichnen.

RI - Carbon offsets: A necessary tool, but only under close scrutiny and precise conditions

To meet the Paris Agreement net zero goals, both emissions reductions and carbon offsetting will play a critical role in delivering a manageable transition.

Iggo's insight - 4,000 buses coming

The green borrowing strategy of the UK government kicks off soon with the sale of the first green gilt

Research - Decoding China’s regulatory paradigm shift

A powerful regulatory storm sweeping through many parts of the Chinese economy has left investors baffled at Beijing’s intentions behind the far-reaching actions