AXA IM Glide Path: Efficient and flexible design towards retirement

The shift from DB to DC plans is a major trend in global pension markets. Target-date strategies, the default investment solution for most DC plans, will be subject to heavier saver protection...

How short duration bond strategies could help navigate coronavirus volatility

Central banks and governments around the world have put in place unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus for countries hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19: Has your workplace changed forever?

The COVID-19 crisis threatens long-lasting changes to the way we work. It is affecting employees and employers everywhere.

Multi-Asset Investments Views - July 2020 - Back to work

MAI views Multi-Asset Investments Views - July 2020 - Back to work ...

June investment strategy -The virus has not gone away

A genuine gap is emerging between the US and Europe on the pandemic front

Iggo's Insight - Now it gets tough

The second quarter was disastrous for society and the global economy. The danger on both fronts is passing only slowly.

INSIGHT - Research - Covid-19 Update – Judging international stimulus policy reactions to the Covid 19 shock

Research & Investment Strategy Covid-19 Update – Judging international stimulus policy reactions to...

Iggo's Insight - R-rate risk rise

Equities sold off this week as it became clear that the path to normalisation is not an easy one. Infection rates are rising in many parts of the United States and emerging markets, even while they...

Insight - What you need to know about industrial robotics

The demand for industrial robots has accelerated due to the ongoing trend towards automation and innovative technological advancements.

Insight - A motionless journey: From CFA franc to eco

The West African Economic Monetary Union countries and France have reached a set of reforms modernising the functioning of the franc zone, an area of monetary cooperation in West Africa. The...

Iggo's insight - The call on future growth

If companies survive, they have a chance to grow in the recovery. The credit backstop has helped the chances of corporate survival in most developed markets. It is tough, no question about it.

COVID-19 update: Euro area policy response

The flexibility and proactivity of the European Central Bank (ECB) since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis has been a positive surprise

Japan’s COVID-19 response: Crisis met with strong economic package, but is it enough?

Research & Investment Strategy Japan’s COVID-19 response: Crisis met with strong economic package,...

Insight - Coronavirus throws down a challenge for credit analysis

AXA IM’s credit analysis model has adapted quickly to incorporate new inputs as the COVID-19 crisis heightens sensitivity to regulatory and fiscal conditions.

INSIGHT - COVID-19: How a new breed of bonds can help finance the fight

The battle against the COVID-19 pandemic will incur a huge cost to the
global economy.

AXA IM: Coronavirus stellt Kreditanalyse vor Herausforderungen

Die dramatischen Auswirkungen der COVID-19-Krise stellen selbst die erfahrensten Kreditanalysten vor Herausforderungen.

Insight - High yield: Opportunities on the rise as the fallen angels descend

The hit has been hard, but the sector might have the flexibility (and monetary policy support) to have a decent crisis

Why high-yield bonds are an alternative to equity investments

As investors, we are often liable for thinking in specific asset class buckets rather than taking a broader view of the investment universe. Yet, taking that cross-asset class view can allow for...

Insight - China: Fuelling recovery with an extra policy kick

COVID-19 has dealt a serious blow to China’s economy and forced Beijing to substantially change its economic plans at this year’s National People’s Congress. The latter includes prioritising job...

The return of the Quantitative Easing trade

Inflation linked bonds have performed well during the years of quantitative easing.